Join us April 10, 2018 as we #GiveUNC, for all that heals. Your support this #GiveUNC day of giving will help us provide better care for more patients and more families. Your support will…

  • advance our research into groundbreaking discoveries for treatments and cures;
  • enable our Transforming Patient Care Fund to back existing patient and family support programs across UNC Medical Center, wherever there is a need;
  • enable UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center to create new avenues of scientific study, develop novel treatments and ultimately revolutionize the fight against cancer;
  • help UNC Children’s care for our young patients and their families, regardless of a family’s ability to pay;
  • create transformational learning experiences for today’s students, tomorrow’s Tar Heel Doctors, and inspire loyalty for years to come.

Those are some wonderful accomplishments, and you are making them happen.

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Time left to participate in #GiveUNC:


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About #GiveUNC 2018

#GiveUNC is a 24-hour virtual gathering of Tar Heel alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students, and friends to give back and support Carolina.
Every gift made online and through phonathon on April 10 counts toward the total, regardless of designation. The #GiveUNC website displays a real-time running tally of the total number of gifts and dollars raised overall.

Check out the amazing areas being highlighted this year for UNC Medicine:

UNC Medical Discovery Fund

Your gift to the UNC Medical Discovery Fund will fuel our research into new treatments and cures, ensuring a healthier future for all kind.

Transforming Patient Care Fund

From offering support to existing patient and family support programs; to providing gas cards and lodging for patients with financial needs—your gift to the Transforming Patient Care Fund will impact patient care at UNC

Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

UNC Lineberger has an unmatched devotion to better outcomes for all cancer patients. We work to improve our scientific and medical strengths—and ultimately touch more lives. Join us in the fight against cancer.

Children’s Program Fund

UNC Children’s Program Fund supports clinical care, advocacy, research, and education to ensure delivery of world-class family-centered care—regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

Medical Alumni Loyalty Fund

Your gift to the Medical Alumni Loyalty Fund will unlock a $10,000 challenge gift today! The Loyalty Fund supports more than 60 scholarships annually, fosters academic excellence by providing enrichment opportunities for students and faculty, and builds community – here at Carolina now and for years to come.



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At the heart of UNC Medicine is the commitment to save lives, improve the quality of life for patients and their families, and educate tomorrow’s physicians and researchers. There are many ways to be part of our bright future—and the future of medical discoveries, education and patient care. Make a gift to UNC Medicine today! 


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Share why supporting UNC Medicine and patient care is important to you. The best way to connect with people is by telling your story. Just don’t forget to use #GiveUNC! Not sure how to get started? Try using one of our sample posts to get your creative juices flowing —

I’m helping UNC Medicine kick off #GiveUNC with a gift to #UNCMedicine. Your gift to education, research, and patient care treats more than just a disease:

This #GiveUNC day of giving I’m supporting #UNCMedicine “for all that heals” because I believe everyone deserves the best healthcare possible. That’s #WhyIGive. If you agree, join me at

This #GiveUNC day of giving, I’m giving to evolve healthcare #forallkind at #UNCMedicine. Join me!


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