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About #LightUNCBlue

Monday, April 2, 2018, World Autism Awareness Day, is the kickoff of #AutismAwareness Month, a time to strive towards universal understanding and acceptance of autism.

On World Autism Awareness Day, the University of North Carolina Autism Research Center will unveil their new Campaign for Carolina fundraising goal (campaign.unc.edu/autism). Donors, students, patients, and their families will also come together to launch a month-long peer-to-peer fundraising campaign: #LightUNCBlue. The month of April will be dedicated to raising awareness and rallying support for the UNC Autism Research Center.

Autism personally affects tens of millions of people worldwide. By raising awareness and funding for the UNC Autism Research Center, we will #LightUNCBlue.

We created this online funding campaign for everyone to contribute at various impact levels. Be sure to review the ways you can make an impact and please share this page with your family and friends.

Your involvement is critical to our success and solving this issue. Thank you again for your help.



Get Involved

→ Make a gift to the UNC Autism Research Center!

Autism affects millions of people worldwide, both those living with and without the disorder. We hope you will join us and support our autism research with a gift to the UNC Autism Research Center. #AutismAwareness Month is all-month long in April, which gives you plenty of time to make an impact. Make a gift today! 


→ Light Your Social Media Blue!

Light up your own social media pages with the official #LightUNCBlue graphics below!


→ Become a #LightUNCBlue fundraiser!

Visit our #LightUNCBlue site on Classy and sign up to run your very own #AutismAwareness campaign!
Rally your network, spread the word, and make an even bigger impact this month. Get your Fundraiser Toolkit here!



→ Start tweeting and posting!

Share why supporting the UNC Autism Research Center is important to you. The best way to connect with people is by telling your story. Just don’t forget to use #LightUNCBlue and #AutismAwareness! Not sure how to get started? Try using one of our sample posts to get your creative juices flowing —

I’m helping the UNC Autism Research Center kick off #AutismAwareness Month with our own edition: #LightUNCBlue! Help us reach our goals for April by donating and sharing our campaign today: go.unc.edu/LightUNCBlue

This month for #AutismAwareness, I’m supporting #LightUNCBlue to support the UNC Autism Research Center because I believe people affected by autism deserve the best. That’s #WhyIGive. If you agree autism research is vitally important, join me at go.unc.edu/LightUNCBlue

This #AutismAwareness Day, I will #LightUNCBlue by supporting autism research. Join me! go.unc.edu/LightUNCBlue