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The UNC Division of Infectious Diseases is dedicated to advancing clinical care, education, and research in infectious diseases.

Preventing and treating infectious diseases represents an ongoing challenge. We live in balance with microbes and parasites, many of which are capable of causing disease. In addition, emerging infections are caused by antibiotic-resistant microbes or species with recently acquired pathogenic potential. Maintaining awareness and developing effective treatments of these infections require coordinated research efforts.

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Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Ecology Lab (IDEEL)

Infectious diseases are among the most critical health problems for people living in both the developed and developing world. IDEEL@UNC was formed in 2015 by a group of principal investigators who shared a vision for improving the health of the world’s poorest populations by improving our understanding of the infectious diseases that impact them most. The idea was to provide a platform to promote collaborative interdisciplinary research to tackle issues about how pathogens interact with human hosts. Investigators come from a wide-breadth of backgrounds including infectious disease physicians, epidemiologists, molecular parasitologists, cell biologists, geneticist and geographers.

The work being done by IDEEL@UNC will help directly impact the health and well-being of millions of individuals around the globe.


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