About Our Work

For over 50 years, UNC Orthopaedics has provided superb musculoskeletal health care to our patients, top-rate education to our students and residents, and innovative research and knowledge to the orthopaedic profession. Our physicians are experts in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions for both adults and children. As a member of the UNC Health Care system, we are committed to serving all the citizens of North Carolina. By making a donation to UNC Orthopaedics, you ensure that we can provide a high level of patient care, recruit the best orthopaedic surgeons, retain our most talented faculty, sustain our research programs, provide our patients with the latest proven innovations in orthopaedic care, and continue to train residents to become caring, talented, and skilled orthopaedic surgeons.

Support the Department of Orthopaedics

Orthopaedic Annual Fund

The Orthopaedic Annual Fund supports access to cutting edge techniques and treatments in the field of orthopaedic surgery through educational programs, meetings and conferences, provides our residents with the resources and materials necessary to prepare the next generation of orthopaedic surgeons, advances novel research initiatives that are critical to resident education and patient care, and allows us to continually update the educational resources in the Raney Library.


Orthopaedic Research Fund

The Orthopaedic Research Fund provides support to faculty actively engaged in clinical research to investigate new devices and drugs, review clinical outcomes, assess how treatments impact health populations, and foster creative and cross-disciplinary advances in orthopaedic research.


Orthopaedic Surgical Skills Laboratory Fund

The Orthopaedic Surgical Skills Laboratory Fund supports our state of the art 700 square foot training facility that is available for use by UNC residents, medical students, and other health care professionals. The Lab is equipped with orthopedic surgical instruments, models, and simulation equipment to provide continual training in the latest surgical and non-surgical orthopedic techniques.



┬áTo make a donation by mail, please send a check to the address below. Make check payable to “The Medical Foundation of N.C., Inc” and, in the memo line, please note the fund you wish to support.

The Medical Foundation of N.C., Inc
PO Box 1050
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-9981

Should you have any questions or would like to discuss your support, please contact:

Deidre A. Bruce
Director of Development, Department of Orthopaedics
919.966.8068 (office)